Stuart Garlick

News, Technology and Culture Journalist

Shrewsbury / Tallinn

Stuart Garlick

Contributor to publications including Agence France Fresse and Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR).

Also a contributor of news, marketing and travel content to other publications, including his own, Charm Offensive, and is available for freelance work.



Digital nomads land dream jobs thanks to Estonian startups

Upwardly-mobile, tech-savvy young professionals across the globe are swapping their briefcases and brogues for backpacks and sneakers, setting themselves up as digital nomads who can operate from wherever their laptops can go. Jobbatical and Teleport, two recent tech startups, promise to take the guess-work out of digital job hunting on a global scale.
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Unicorns in Tallinn: Latitude59 and Estonia’s Start-Up Scene

Unicorns are mythic creatures. Therefore, it seems apt that the term is used to describe tech startups that are valued at $1bn or more, a figure TransferWise, the London-registered startup founded by two Estonians, reached after its most recent funding round. Are Estonian startups experiencing a bubble, or is this a longer-term trend?
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Interview: NOËP’s Andres Kõpper

“Two years ago, I had a problem: I saw Rhianna in my dreams, every night in a row, for a week.”. A strange, but enlightening, interview with electronic music sensation Andres Kõpper of NOEP.
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Estonian Crypto PR Bumps Into the Law

A blog post from an Estonian government official about a new crypto-token, estcoin, has added to widespread excitement over the Baltic country and its plans for using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Should investors in crypto matters look to Estonia next?
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Gretagrund: A Band's Notes from a Large Island

"We've described our music as a fight between light and darkness, because those themes come up a lot." Britta Virves is sitting next to her band-mate in Gretagrund, the vocalist Maarja Aarma, and the pianist is trying to find an overarching theme for their group's new album.
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Bubblegoth Kerli Thanks Estonia for her Music

My interview with Kerli, the most successful Estonian popular musician.
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Bitcoin Broker Mounts Legal Challenge to Order to Desist

A Tallinn-based currency trader is taking the Estonian police to court in an attempt to safeguard his bitcoin-trading website. As reported by ERR News, Otto de Voogd was forced to temporarily suspend his website,, after receiving a cease and desist notice. De Voogd, who describes the buying and selling of the cryptocurrency as his hobby, had earlier been sent a precept requiring that he acknowledge that is a financial services provider in Estonia, and is therefore covered by the Financial Services Act.
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From Facebook to the frontline: Ukrainian-Estonians forging international ties

The Conflict in Ukraine has seen families and communities torn apart, both in the affected country and also in Estonia, where there is a sizeable community of ethnic Ukrainians. We investigate if the view of Ukraine from Estonia has changed in the past twelve months, as a result of how the conflict has affected communities and business.
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Garage48: Estonian Cradle of Innovation Goes on Tour

PARNU - Keen to get a first-hand understanding of what it took in order to work on a disruptive startup, I participated in the Garage48 Hackathon which took place in Estonia’s southern seaside town of Parnu in November. The theme was tourism, but within that, entrants were free to be as inventive and creative as they wished with the premise.
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Kalamaja - The District Changing Tallinn Forever

TALLINN - It takes an unprepossessing red and white tram to get to the part of Tallinn that has for some years been at the centre of its flourishing creative industries. Kalamaja was once a working-class district, and if you take a walk through the wide streets you will find wood-panelled houses dating back to Estonia’s first period of independence and before.
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5 Reasons Twitter is Amazing for Affiliates: Expert Explains

There are many ways to get your affiliate marketing message across, some more effective than others. One of the most effective methods of audience-building is by using Twitter, one of the world's most established social media channels, but equally one that many people wrongly disregard. We spoke to Gerald Murphy from Search Engine Watch about why he values Twitter so much.
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The Five Most Important SEO Tools: Experts Write

What are the tools that will give your website the lift-off that your effort deserves? Everyone has a different opinion, but we've checked out the best authorities online, in order to bring you five great SEO tools that you should be using to get your website up the rankings. Take a look at what we found.
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Stuart Garlick

Stuart Garlick came to Estonia in order to work for Skype. He arrived in Tallinn in June 2011, starting his culture website in 2012.

While teaching English, he was hired by ERR News, the English-language branch of Estonian Public Broadcasting, as a journalist. He later began working in parallel for iBus Media Group, a global news and content-producing company. In May 2014, he joined YU Magazine, a locally-produced publication focusing, in two languages, on Estonian talent and design. He served on the editorial team of the magazine until June 2015.

From January 2015 to March 2015 Stuart served, in a temporary capacity, as the Estonian Correspondent for Agence France Presse, continuing afterwards as a contributing feature writer for them. He is presently a contributor to The Baltic Guide, producing content including the monthly Nightlife section. He is also Estonian Correspondent for The Baltic Times.

Stuart produces regular content for the iBus Media publications Online Affiliate World, Fantasy Wired and Bookiesmash.



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